Motor rewinds for your machinery

Rewind or replace?

From our base in Essex, RED Mechanical Engineering Ltd offer motor rewinds to a huge range of AC and DC machines from small to industrial motors. We will advise you on the best course of action for your machinery and can offer a full quotation and report before you make your decision.

Burnt out?

The most common cause of pump failure is the electric motor being burnt out. In most cases, a replacement motor is the quickest and most effective solution but this isn’t always possible. In the cases where it isn’t, a motor rewind can be carried out to get your pump back up and running again.

Saving you money

For large and custom motors, a rewind is often the most cost-effective solution, saving you in the region of around 40% in comparison to a full replacement. However, completing a motor rewind is a specialist skill and that’s where we come in. Armature winding uses the original windings to gather the data required to rewind the motor. All data is recorded before the installation of the new winding, which is duplicated to the original configuration. We will then complete efficiency tests before re-assembling the components.

Getting to the root of the problem

Our experienced engineers can be dispatched to your location within 24 hours of your enquiry to establish why your motor has failed. After an in-depth conversation with yourself and a brief look at the machinery, it may be obvious why it has failed, but in most instances, we will need to dismantle it to fully inspect and establish the cause of the problem. At this point, we will be able to quote for the work required and if you are happy with this, work can commence. We have been looking after customers across all industries for over 30 years so you can be sure that your equipment is in safe hands.

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